Friday, January 18, 2013

Guess what I found in Léran!

   More days than not, I go for a walk through some part of our village. Sometimes it's just down to the halles to buy a baguette. Other times it's because I've been writing all morning (or afternoon) and need a break. Often it's out into the open countryside all of five minutes away, or along by the river.
   Almost always, I see something new. It could be a tiny passageway that threads between houses, or a date carved in stone over a door, or simply the changes in the seasons.
    But rarely is it as good a surprise as this.
    A duck pond with chateau view, sandwiched into a little gap down by the river. Apologies for the quality of the image. To be honest, it's not that photogenic a pond but I was delighted that it even exists.
       Here's a closer look at the ducks. What I'm wondering if whether they're kept as pets or....?
After all, this is serious confit and foie gras country.

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River Rat said...

Oh, that's a wood duck! Aren't they gorgeous? I didn't realize they had them in France. We sometimes see them paddling by on our small river.