Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Food So Good You Follow Your Nose

  Even before you see this stall in Mirepoix, you can smell what it sells from the great heady, indescribably good waft that lures you on, so tempting that it makes your stomach gurgle. Walk round the corner and you see this. Beyond it--and I'll post on this separately sometime soon--is the stall where we buy almost all our vegetables.

 In the foreground, what you get with your couscous (out of frame, in an equally large pan to the right).

  "La Part" means a serving. Parmentier de carnard is shepherd's pie made with duck.
A paella. Get there early enough and you can watch the stallholders building it from scratch.
 Mussels in cream sauce. Also available: moules marinières. Send a comment and let me know what you would order.


River Rat said...
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River Rat said...

I'd choose the Parmentier de canard. In fact we're heading to Chalabre in a few weeks, and Mirepoix is definitely on our list of places to go while we're there. Might get some Parmentier de canard as a takeout to eat back at our gîte that evening!

River Rat said...

Oh, no! The person wasn't there with his/her stand at Mirepoix a couple of Mondays ago when we came. So I missed out on the Parmentier de canard. Very disappointed. Air France did serve it on the plane going home as one of their options, but somehow it wasn't the same. A fellow passenger was disdainful, however. She sniffed, "Who gets on a plane to eat DUCK?"

Chacun à son goût!