Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yet another vide grenier...

   Twice a year, our village holds a vide grenier. Strictly speaking, I should be out there behind a stall given the amount of stuff we've accumulated. But no, instead I'm Madame Super Shoppaire, out there as soon as I've had my breakfast, racing down past the church and the school to where the first of the stalls are.
   Here's what I managed to find this time.
   I cannot resist vintage postcards. Not sure if it's the photographs, or the tiny, perfect hand-writing or the way that the stamp is sometimes stuck on the picture side. This little lot cost us about three euros.
    A medieval painting. Genuinely medieval. Must be. Cost me all of three euros.
 Almost none of our plates match. Instead I collect those made by the Sarreguemines company, which feature different flowers. One euro.
  A present for my sister (and now she's got it, I can blog about it). A classic black beret with this glorious label inside. It was made in Carcassonne sometime in the 1950s or 60s, I'm guessing. Also one euro.

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