Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An evil goat, red berries and other New Year snapshots.

    In The City of Falling Angels, his excellent book about Venice, author John Berendt describes how he once set out to take a photograph every minute as he walked around Venice and found he couldn't find anything that wasn't beautiful.  
    So, a few days ago on a sunny and warm-for-January afternoon, we set out for our usual little saunter along the river bank out to the edge of the village, along past the chateau, and back through the streets. Right, I thought, I'll see if I can do a Berendt, snap away and see what happens.
With those satanic slit eyes, goats look inherently evil. This one was. As soon as I'd got him perfectly framed, he stared straight at me, squatted, smiled (I swear) and I don't have to tell you what he did next. 

I don't know the correct botanical name but, when I was growing up in the UK, we used to call these "spindleberries."

I love the lines and proportions of this farmhouse. See that central archway? I imagine more than a few horses and carts have passed through it in their time.

A cathedral of plane trees, long late afternoon shadows and the prospect of a pot of tea and a slice of pain d'épice when we get home. Makes me happy.

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