Sunday, June 19, 2011

Parisian Style.

    Drink of your choice at your elbow, you can settle in at a sidewalk café for hours and just gaze at the people strolling by. A few observations, in no particular order, if you're planning to visit and want to fit in:
1) Anyone wearing running shoes meant for running is almost certainly not French. On the other hand, if the running shoes are silver or gold or otherwise metallic, or embellished with sparkles, or patterned with flowers, they were bought for style not function, which probably means the pieds in them are Parisian.
2) Aged denim and anything smart and black in almost any combination always look good.
3) Ballet shoes and ankle boots. No flip-flops, no heavy-duty hiking sandals. And, pleeeeeease, no sandals with socks (as seen on one gent who paired them with shorts and a tailored jacket).
4) A scarf, of course. What do you mean, it's 28 degrees?

Black sweater, white mini-skirt, ankle boots, Chanel-style shoulder bag, minimal makeup and unfussy hair. No prizes for guessing where she lives.

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