Monday, September 6, 2010

Where Did Summer Go?

 All of this seems so long now that we're lighting fires most evenings and the sycamore tree in the garden has turned yellow. July and August seemed to race by. Here's a little collage so you can pretend you're here for summer in our part of France (with captions now that I've learned how to do them).

Memo to self: plant lots of nicotiana next year. It loves this climate.
Home-grown tomatoes. Even in October, the vines are still loaded.

The weekly marché gourmand. Early on in the evening.

Definitely the most popular entertainment at the Marché Gourmand--a troupe of "Brazilian" dancers.

The Tour de France passed through Léran on a blazing hot July day.

Outdoor silent movies in Chalabre.

And silent movies by the lake with jazz accompaniment.
A mini-break in Moissac. Definitely in the top five of best cloisters in France.
Sunflowers everywhere, including our garden.

The nightly wheel of pigeons over our garden, underside of their wings catching the light.

This year, you could buy salads of various kinds at this weekly enormous outdoor dinner--but sadly the Mexican food truck didn't show up.

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gabriele gray said...

Nicotinia not only is an attractive plant, if it's the one I'm thinking of, you can dry the leaves and use them for a solution to spray on bug (the sucking kind) ridden plants. Nicotine Sulfate is what they sell in the stores (poisonous in concentration).
It only lasts about three days on the plants so as long as nothing except bugs tries to eat the sprayed plants, it'll work fine.
Or forget the practical part and just enjoy the flowers.