Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in France to snow and choral performance Number One.

    Did I hear that right? We're about an hour from Carcassonne when, over the p.a. system, I hear what I think is something about "Beziers" and "neige." On May 4? Surely, this is just an example of Ryanair's fine Irish humour? 
     But no. We landed in Beziers and hung around waiting for transportation to Carcassonne about an hour away with--an example of Ryanair's fine customer service--not a word about when it would arrive. Cut to a few hours later and we're picking up our car in hurricane strength winds and rain. Driving home, we notice what we think are sheets of polythene spread on the higher meaders. Snow. It's banked up by the sides of the road in Mirepoix but lessens as we approach Léran, Still, not quite what we'd expected. 
    The next weekend was a busy one for the choir with two performances back to back. Saturday, we met up by the old mairie and boarded a bus to take us to church in Portet-sur-Garonne near Toulouse. Here we are at full throttle (with thanks to Marek who, with his wife queen-of-the-raspberry-roulade Shirley, runs our village café).

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