Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well, hello Dali!!

   For the past few days I'd been researching a story in the Pyrenees. Now it was time to come home via the town of Bisbal where we hoped to find tiles for the kitchen counters. 
   I won't get into details except to say that we had a really pleasant stay in Palomas on the coast and an unsuccessful tile-hunt the following morning. We trudged from store to store, and made our way into a factory where a pleasant lady showed us around a semi-dark interior piled high with cartons. Even in the semi-dark, we could see that we didn't like any of the contents.
   So we climbed in the car, stopped at a mercato for bread, cheese and grapes, and picniced by the side of the autoroute. Not far north is the town of Figueros, famous for its Dali museum. We missed the turnoff. (It gave me great pleasure later, in the gift shop, when a survey-taker asked my my impressions to say "inadequate signage".)
   This is Salvador Dali's museum and burial place so, of course, the whole place is gloriously over the top from the exterior covered with sculpted bread rolls and crowned with enormous eggs to the interior. 

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