Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting our hands on a composter: Parts 7 and 8

Part 7:
Signed papers in hand (we forgot them last time) we set off the Communauté des Communes in Mirepoix this morning with a double mission: to take possession of our composter and to obtain an access card to the garbage dump. We have a lot of garbage to dump and you can't just swan in and ditch it. You have to prove your right to the card by taking along an electricity or other bill.

It took surprisingly little time. The man who handles these things gave us the smart plastic kitchen bucket, inside of which was an enormous carry bag, bigger even than the ones you use temporarily at Ikea. Along with these came a booklet describing what we can compost. Just about everything, it seems, including paper towel and handkerchiefs. Most important of all, he gave us a hand-written note to take to Copami, home to large composters.

We were so thrilled that we took the plastic bucket to the market square to have its photo taken, and then out for a coffee and pain aux raisins.

Part 8:
Baskets filled, we returned to the car and drove to Copami which is beside the cemetary. A man told us to take our official paper to the cash desk in Gamm Vert (I'm unsure of the connection) where they looked at it and told us to go outside to the warehouse section. There, a young man took the paper, disappeared and emerged with a very large flat box. This is the quick assembly type of 600 litre composter, obviously. We pointed nervously at the Clio, a compact car to say the least. He opened the trunk and slid the enormous box inside. It fitted exactly although it did completely block the rear window. I have visions of composter box designers experimenting with different sizes until they found one that would fit even the smallest car.

Next, wait for it, the composter is assembled and installed in its final resting-place. P.S. Which is wasn't the following day because it rained.

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