Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Brown-ish Lunchtime in Pamiers

Not for the first time we left Léran later than we'd planned and found ourselves in Pamiers just as everything was closing. 

On the same side street as Le Patio, the little bistro we ate lunch at, we were enchanted by a window display showing a petit déjeuner, mostly in shades of brown, right down to the pot of Bonne Maman chestnut jam. 

A food store? Guess again. In fact, the shop sold fabrics for patchwork. 

So lunch. Steak frites and the choice of cheese or dessert. I cannot resist iles flottantes, a standard "pudding" in these parts. Every one I've had has been different. This meringue was almost marshmallow-y--a meringue with some serious substance to it. Milk, eggs, vanilla and sugar are the only ingredients. A good dessert to keep in mind if I have to drum something up in a hurry and don't have time to go to the supermarché. 

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